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Create your Own Painting
Online with Others

Group Tuition – 2 hour class

£45 per person 



Now is the time to get your paints and brushes out to explore the natural world of colour we have at our fingertips.  

From the comfort of your home, you will receive tuition leaving plenty of room for you, the artist, to create your ideas as the feeling takes you.  There are no rules and the sky’s the limit when it comes to imagination. 

Naturally, all abilities are welcome, whether you are wishing to learn to paint for the first time or improve on existing skills and there is plenty of  opportunity to ask questions during the lesson and to show me how you are getting on.   For this reason, classes will be kept to a maximum of 10.

Remember, as long as you have paints, brushes and a canvas or board we can create a scene. 

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Confirmation with a list of materials
A link via Zoom to click on at the designated time.
Live attendance to the class so that you can paint alongside me.  
 A class recording so you can watch at leisure at a later date.

New Date to be Arranged

10am to 12pm London, UK, time

Find out how easy it is to use the Bob Ross wet-on-wet oils. 

You only have ordinary oils, it is still possible to paint this scene.  I will explain how as we paint.