Classes, Workshops & Demonstrations

Would you like to set free your creativity?

I absolutely love to paint and nothing gives me greater joy than passing on this ability to others. Learn to paint in a day…. yes, it is possible and no painting experience is required.  I teach both the Bob Ross wet-on-wet oils and acrylic as well as adding inks, moulding pastes and gessos into the mix at times too to add texture, depth and colour.

I would say 70% of art students who come for lessons have never painted or picked up a brush. We go through the whole day step-by-step completing a landscape/flower scene by the end of it, leaving plenty of space for you to develop your own ideas as you wish.  Of course, I also teach those who have more experience and wish to develop their skills.  The tuition is fun, informal and supportive. Although we travel through the process one step at a time, there is the opportunity to paint whatever one wishes. It is simply a starting point for people to develop their own style and come up with alternative ideas.

There are plenty of classes and workshops available ranging from a day to two and a half hours. What is the difference between the two? The size of canvas, the detail accomplished and the price.  Classes are also readily available for families with their children – please contact me directly to chat further.   

Day Workshops

These start at 10am and finish approx 4pm, inclusive of breaks and lunch break. You will complete a scene within that time on a good sized canvas. Pricing includes all materials; paints, brushes, canvas, easel and apron.


£135 – per person in a group class

£185 – one-to-one tuition

Wet-on-Wet Oil

£140 – per person in a group class

£195 – one-to-one tuition


Morning/Afternoon Classes

In these morning/afternoon classes, again, you will complete a scene, but this time on a smaller canvas.  All materials are supplied.


£50 – per person in a group class

£70 – one-to-one tuition

Wet-on-Wet Oil

£60 – per person in a group class

£85 – one-to-one tuition



Series of Classes

Why not come and take part in a set of weekly classes.  Whilst learning that you can indeed paint and/or improve on existing skills, you will meet new people, and together you will be taken on a journey as we hone our skills and paint a variety of landscape and floral scenes.     

Individual Tuition

Sometimes the best way to start is on a one-to-one basis, where you will receive full attention in a comfortable environment aimed at building your confidence, or maybe you would like to master a particular aspect of painting, such as clouds or bushes and improve your own technique. Whatever the reason, I will make sure that the tuition meets your aims and requirements.



Working in a group can be a lot of fun as everyone soon realises they are in the same boat. The support and rapport with others can be invaluable. Groups are of a size to ensure individual attention.



I am available for demonstrations ranging from 30minutes to several hours and have demonstrated to a wide range of groups and organisations. These have included Women’s Institutes, Farmers’ Wives Organisations and Art Groups.

Demonstrations have ranged from 8 participants in a local group to hundreds in London events. I have found that once people have seen a demonstration and the ease with which a painting can be produced, they too become keen to give it a go. For demonstrations, please contact me to discuss further.