Hi Everyone

How are you as we head into the Winter Season and the nights draw in?  Mind you, it’s pretty sunny here on the Isle of Wight at the moment and I delight in the fact that we have an abundance of flowers in the garden still, together with lots of colourful geraniums in the house.

I haven’t posted since July have I! It feels like I blinked and now we’re in November.  It’s been a wonderful year now that we are all in position to go out and about as we wish and I have taught all sorts of painting residentials, courses and classes.  Thank you to all those who came along and gave me the opportunity to inspire and uplift them through the medium of paint – I have loved it all. 

I’m not long back from Freshwater Bay House having taught a Holiday Fellowship mixed media acrylic course to a group of 12.  It was a lovely collection of people and we all got on so well.  It always seems a little strange having spent the week together to suddenly return home. 

So what news do I have.  The Society for All Artists have invited me to be part of their magazine in March next year and so I need to write about my particular style of painting and submit pictures.  I’m also excited to let you know that my artwork will be displayed at a local arts & crafts studio in the Mews at Old Shanklin Village.  This will be opening at the beginning of December for those that wish to visit.  

My wish to constantly paint and sell my artwork, as well as teaching others to have fun with it continually expands and for this I am grateful – it is my passion and the reason I get out of bed in the mornings!   Long may it continue. 

Finally, the Norfolk Residential  next April is now full.  Those of you wishing to attend any future holidays, please let me know as booking accommodation has reached new heights since travelling expectations have altered and people are preferring to stay in the UK. 

Anyone wishing to visit the Island to experience a painting class or mini-painting holiday break will be welcomed with open arms.  Please get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries. 

In the meantime, look after yourselves and happy painting.  Sophia x