I  sincerely  hope  as  read  this, all is well and that you are keeping yourselves uplifted and spirits high in this unusual situation we find ourselves in.  So much has changed since I last wrote to you and it is good to remind ourselves it will all change again….it’s only a matter of when.

My purpose for writing today is to keep in touch rather than provide you with lots of news of all that is happening in the world of art this end.  However, I do think painting or any kind of art is a wonderful thing to do, especially when we are at home so much at the moment.  With this very much in mind, I am providing online classes  which certainly lifts the hearts of all those involved as we have a catch-up and then dive into plenty of colour.

Even if you feel you can’t paint, perhaps you can make up a collage or vision board with photos and words from magazines lying around or start sketching.  I’ve done all of the above and it brings with it a deep sense of peace.

If you’re feeling a little isolated in your own home and haven’t spoken to anybody lately, send me your recent paintings – I love seeing what people have been up to.  In the meantime, look after yourselves, enjoy nature as she bursts forth in all this warm weather and we’ll speak soon.

Happy Painting Sophia x