sophia flowersHurrah! The new website is now up and running.

What a learning curve. There’s me thinking it would be quite an easy thing to do. However, I went on quite a journey with it. Although I imagined it as a blank canvas on which to paint/produce as I wished, the reality is that I cannot just stick my hand into the computer to tweak things the way I see them!

Those that know me, will see there are some new paintings available, together with the ability to purchase limited editions prints online. Sourcing a printing company who could deal with the bright colours that I so love to paint in took some time, but I have now teamed up with Crossprint who produce a high standard of product.

This is my first blog so this too is a new experience. The world of technology, it seems to me, is infinite and then linking it all together makes the mind boggle. What I am really looking forward to is interacting with you all about the joys of painting and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, as the computer will bring us straight into each other’s living room.