I’m writing this just before we set off for the Residential Painting Holiday in Southern France tomorrow.  I feel that by writing now, you’ll all be travelling along with us and of course, various photos are posted on Facebook.  The van is fortunately packed, even our dog got in his freshly washed basket ready to be packed too!! We had to explain that he needed to wait a little longer.  I say “fortunately” because it is pouring with rain on the Isle of Wight as I write this.  However, we are reassuring ourselves with excellent weather reports of hot sunshine at our French location.

I mentioned previously that this is our final year at this particular location and with that in mind, we have opened a second week in the warm  months of 28th Sept to 5th October.  If you still wish to stay at this wonderful villa with delicious home-cooked food, specially selected wines, gorgeous grounds and painting classes for all abilities, then it’s still not too late to get in touch.

Since I last wrote to you, my second Art Exhibition was held at Quarr Abbey which proved successful.  It just goes to show that it takes some time to get one’s self known in a new location having moved here just under six years ago.  It is my intention to hold several exhibitions each year now, although the waiting list spans several years on the Island!  I may well go further afield and see what the mainland has on offer.

We have also had the first 2019 Family Holiday at Freshwater Bay for which I am one of the Arts & Crafts Leaders.  A wonderful affair which I totally love – all the imagination and creativity of the little ones is so in keeping with the way I too view the world.  A palette of colour where possibilities are endless.   With the Summer Holidays coming up, there will be plenty on offer.

Having been part of the Family Holiday above, it got me to view the Isle of Wight through the eyes of a visitor and I count myself very lucky to live here and there is so much to see as well as paint which is why I offer mini-painting breaks/holidays individually tailored to people’s requirements.

Well, that’s it for the moment and thank you for taking the time to hear my news.  If you have any queries and/or questions, please feel free to contact me.  Until the next  time, happy painting and keep your inspiration fueled with plenty of creative ideas and the wonder of nature which is so abundant at the moment.