I hope you’ve all had a peaceful and relaxing time over the festive season.

I often find this time, a time of reflection to look at all that happened in the past year and I can truly say that last year was a highlight in my life.  So many beautiful events took place, not least getting married to the lovely gentleman in my life, Justin.  Chuckle….my name still remains the same though as you know!

Looking ahead, I know there are many more adventures to come as my passion to inspire, create and bring colour to this world continues.  Behind all of that, though, is you…. The people I meet, friends and family.  It is all of these, the interactions, the laughter and heartfelt chats, getting to know new people, that make it all so worthwhile and so I wish to thank you for all your continued support.

There will be plenty happening in 2019 from my continued work with HF Holidays, a fantastic organization, to Painting Residentials in France to painting workshops and classes on the Isle of Wight, online and around the UK.  I am always happy to consider new ideas and projects, so please remember if you are part of a group of people who wish to paint, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Finally, I wish you all a Happy New Year – may it be an amazing 2019 for each and every one of you, beyond your wildest dreams.


Happy painting.