'Midnight Garden' (30x24) - Oil - Copy

This is a painting I mention to art students all the time because it was in this one that I had a go with all sorts.  It wasn’t going according to plan, although there never really is a plan!  Anyway, I decided I would probably end up throwing the canvas away as I didn’t like what was on there and so I started to experiment.  I painted some dark Prussian blue over what wasn’t working which was most unlike me as I so enjoy colour.  Once dry, I then slopped extra odourless thinner in with the colours I was using, allowing the brush to travel as it wished to, not really “trying” to create anything. 

Suddenly, whilst bending down for more paint, I caught it out of the corner of my eye and thought…. oooh, a scene has emerged and had the feeling to stop.  Returning later with fresh eyes, I saw this midnight garden, as I called it, had emerged.