Poppies - Acrylic

There are so many ways in which Inspirational Painting can emerge from within.  

There are the times, when we know what it is we want to paint and we maybe even have an image within our minds eye.  With this, it’s possible to paint in front of the canvas holding that image, but necessary to let go of whether it materialises or not.

Then there is the one where we can stand in front of the canvas and go with the very first feeling not knowing where it will lead.  So it may be to paint in acrylic, rather than watercolour and it may be a certain colour.  So the first step is carried out and as a result that brings the feeling to hold a different brush and go for a contrasting colour maybe and to squirt extra water on.  It doesn’t matter – the painting emerges step-by-step.

Then there is the truly magical one where it pops out of seemingly nowhere just from “playing around”.