Each medium has it’s gift that the other mediums do not.  For example, oil requires small amounts of paint to achieve excellent effects and has a richness of texture and colour, almost a luminous/silky quality that I have not discovered elsewhere.  Having said that, acrylic has a vast array of available colours and the ability to really flow when water is added.  Not only that, it can dry extremely quickly and layers can be built one on top of the other.  For me, acrylic is about abundance as much more paint is used than with oil.

As for acrylic inks, they’re some of my favourite to use – such intense colour and pigmentation which flows with ease creating a rainbow of colour with little effort, although there is less control.  They do take a while to dry, but it’s well worth it!  And finally watercolour….. they have a transparency which creates a translucent effect and can be used over pen and ink sketches.  Not for me, I might add as my love of intense colour means I sway towards oils, inks and acrylic.