Creating your own palette is very easy and need only cost pennies.  I have always said to art students that anything is possible and never allow finances to hold you back when it comes to purchasing your own materials and starting the process of painting.  I came up with the above idea because I have started teaching mixed media and wanted something on which we could use both the wet-on-wet oil and the acrylic.  It’s simply the cardboard lid of a sturdy box covered in kitchen foil.  Remove, dispose and replace all ready for your next painting session – no cleaning required which is always a great thing!  I have also suggested in the past, laminated wood or an old piece of kitchen top, a plate no longer in use or even a glossy piece of cardboard.  All these can act as potential palettes.

The Bob Ross palette is great for the wet–on-wet oil, but don’t use acrylic on them as the palette won’t last long.  There’s also disposable glossy paper palettes one can purchase these days.