Hi Everyone

How are you all and how are you getting on with this second lockdown?

I know that the world of painting has exploded with so many people looking for activities to persue from the comfort of their own homes.  Not only that, Uncle Bob as I call him, ie Bob Ross, has been on our television screens many evenings now together with an eclectic mix of other art programmes to keep us entertained.  As someone who loves all things arty, I have found it wonderful and once the previous lockdown lifted, had an incredible time introducing many people to painting producing  great scenes together with the confidence to paint at home alone.

With all that has happened in mind, I wanted to get across how easy it is to paint and that we don’t have to go and purchase numerous amounts of equipment and so I came up with a set of classes in which only kitchen scourers, one brush, a pen, fingers, acrylic paints and a few other items sourced from the kitchen were used.  This meant as long as one had paints and something to paint on, a painting could be accomplished.  To make it more fun, I came up with circular boards to paint on for those coming to the house for classes and we’ve all loved it.  Small groups were coming to the house to learn and everyone enjoyed the loose and flexible approach to it all.  I’ve attached a few of the ideas in this post.    

I would love to get these out to a wider audience whether it’s groups of adults or children and I would love to get them out to residential homes too once they open up fully as it’s something that can easily be done on one’s lap sitting down and so uplifting to take people out of their normal environment to one of colour and imagination.

If you’re interested, please get in touch.  It doesn’t matter where you live, with Zoom, it has been possible to reach everyone online or, if you live on the Isle of Wight, contact me direct.

In the meantime, look to nature for inspiration even if the weather is a bit wild at times and do that which makes you laugh.  We’ve been watching a few funny movies in the evening and sent ourselves to bed laughing, particularly ones about married couples because we can so relate!!! 

Happy painting and warm wishes to you all. Sophia xx