Water Painting

Latest Painting – ‘Lily Light’ (23″ x 30″)

It’s a fine line isn’t it, knowing when there is the feeling that a painting is completed and knowing when we need to go further without sabotaging what we have already done? 

When there are many layers involved in completing a canvas, it can be difficult to see the painting in it’s entirety.  It is essential to leave the canvas a number of times during the process, to have a cup of tea, go outside and to look at things from a distance rather than close up, because it is so easy to focus on a certain aspect, the blinkers come on and we can have tunnel vision.

A little tip that I have found helpful over the years is to take a photograph, upload it onto the computer, have a break and then view it objectively on the screen.  It becomes immediately obvious as to whether to continue or stop, tweak a certain aspect or move something completely.  That way we see it for ourselves.  Asking for another’s input is really only asking for another opinion and as all artwork is in the eye of the beholder, any comments may not hold any relevance to us as the painter.