Hi Everyone

How are you?  It looks like there is light on the horizon now that the vaccines are being rolled out and pressure on the NHS is reducing.  We are definitely heading in the right direction.

Light on the horizon is very much what I have been painting and I have now uploaded my new wave of artwork onto the website.  For those wishing to look, please click here: https://www.sophiaflowers.com/original-artwork/

I have been on many walks along the Tenyson Downs overlooking Compton Beach on the Isle of Wight and the light on the sea has been both breathtaking and stunning – hence my obsession with painting lots of seascapes.  Not everything is on the website.  I had the idea of painting postcard size canvas boards (a selection is below).  Each one lovingly completed and each one is an original.  They are £15 as they are or £25 in a small white glass frame (+ p&p).  This makes them very easy to post.  (Please contact me direct for these)

I have painted all sizes this time round and so a variety of artwork is available as canvas boards on the website.   Easy to post, you are then in a position to choose your own framing from within your local area.  I hope you enjoy taking a look and find yourselves uplifted.  Any queries, please just get in touch.

In the meantime, keep upbeat – we’re all in it together and it’s now starting to change as Spring starts to make herself known.  We have daffodils budding down here!

Sophia x