Hi Everyone and a Happy New Year to you All

The festive season has been and gone and I trust that you all had somewhere warm to stay with delicious food and good company.  It’s been a strange one here on the Isle of Wight – in all the eight years I have been here, it has never been so incredibly mild. We still have geraniums and lobelia flowering in our garden and it’s warm enough at times to walk without a jacket. 

The year ahead will hold lots of events and activities both planned and unexpected!  This year, the Residential will be held in Norfolk as early as the beginning of April which will be a delightful time of year enabling us to be inspired on our days off with Spring in full flourish – there will be the bright rhododendrons at Sheringham Park and plants from across the world at Ruston Gardens.  That, together with many exciting ideas to paint using inks and acrylics, makes it something to look forward to.

A few others have expressed interest in the above course which is now full and I am compiling a second list of names.  Please let me know if this would interest you.  Nothing would make my heart sing more than to organize another such event. 

Following that I will be holding an Art Exhibition once again at Quarr Abbey.  It’s been a long time coming with the various lockdowns over the past two years, but coming it is and I look forward to exhibiting new artwork and ideas to those coming through the door.


I’m so looking forward to the sunshine and watching nature grow once again as we move into the coming months.  If you wish to explore your creativity and paint your own version of nature and landscapes, please get in touch.  It would give me great joy to show you how.


Happy painting.  Sophia xx